Capturing a glance, a gaze, a gleaming grin, a moment or a breath is my passion. I love that a camera captures something that has been and keeps it forever. Timeless, natural images are what I strive to create and capture.'

Sophie Daley's passion for the camera and its product, a photograph, gained her selection to study at Sydney's prestigious College of the Arts. Graduating in 2005 with high distinction in Photomedia, she has since worked along side some of Sydney's award winning portrait photographers.

A love for the outdoors makes the natural environment the perfect setting for a portrait shoot. 'Living on Sydney's Northern Beaches, I am constantly inspired by its beauty and find the natural surrounds are a perfect location to capture a natural response from my subject'. Children, for Sophie, are a joy to photograph. 'They are ever surprising, spontaneous and fun. There are so many simple aspects in child's life that will spark a beautiful smile, candid laugh or a moment of thought. They are a joy to be around.'